• Saranda's city
    Saranda is a city in southwest Albania, located on the coast Ionian. Saranda name comes from an early Christian monastery dedicated Forty Saints ("Ágii Saranda" in Greek, "Santi Quaranta "in Italian). Saranda is an important center tourism in Albania. Its geographical position favors agriculture and many livestock. Saranda is a very beautiful place. Saranda is one of the countries that stands out for its natural beauties, but also built by human hand. There is a very large number of hotels and many other beautiful places such as village Ksamil its close, Butrint, Blue Eye. Saranda also distinguished for its beautiful beaches
  • Butrint.
    Archaeological Site of Butrint National Park has an area of 15 hectares and is located at heights 30-50 m above sea level. He was raised in the southeastern corner of the peninsula Ksamil. There are a lot of protected natural position, being wet from both sides of the lake of Butrint, half and half salt and sweet on one side of the channel Vivarit. In its composition there are numerous types of oak trees, such as laurels, prralli, ilqe, fishekarthi, kullastra, Big, and deciduous species. Trees that reach heights up to 12 meters in diameter and 60-80 cetrimetra reach the maximum age 200 years. The cave is located near the road Butrint Saranda-Butrint, about three miles away from the town of Ksamil. The cave is considered special in nature and its position is of large size. There is an area 110 square meters, has wide space extensions of its entry is guarded in natural condition. According to archaeologists, the caves Butrint has numerous scientific value